【2023直島旅】⑥ベネッセハウスDegustation で夕食をいただく



In late February 2023, I traveled to Naoshima for a holiday. First trip in a long time! Episode 6. After checking in, you will relax in your room. Afterwards, we will have dinner.






13. Degustation (デギュスタシオン)

店内のようす+メニュー / Inside the store+Menu


The start time of the meal is either 18:00 or 18:30; if that fills up, the time is 20:00. it might be better to call in advance, as there was no system to choose when making a web reservation.







コース料理のスタート / Start of course meal





瀬戸内海産桜鯛のマリネ 桜の香り / Marinated Cherry Anthias from Seto Inland Sea





シェフからの一皿 / Chef’s Special Plate





季節のスープ / Seasonal Soup





瀬戸内海産ヒラメのポワレ / Sauteed Flounder from Seto Inland Sea





香川県産オリーブ牛のロースト 時季の野菜 / Roasted Olive-fed Beef Steak from Kagawa served with Seasonal Vegetables





プレデザート / Pre Dessert





デザート+コーヒー / Seasonal Dessert + Coffee


Would a full course of French cuisine fill my starving stomach after a day of walking around? I was a little worried, but I was wrong. It was a generous portion.


The photos were the main part of the article. The food was all wonderful and delicious. I never expected to be able to enjoy such a delicious full course meal at a restaurant on my trip.It was a wonderful dinner.


camera:sony α7Ⅳ

lens:sony FE24-70mm f2.8 GM



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