【2023直島旅】⑦ ベネッセハウス パーク内の作品を鑑賞



In late February 2023, I traveled to Naoshima for a holiday. First trip in a long time! Episode 7. Benesse House is both a hotel and a museum. Since we stayed at the Park this time, we will visit the artworks in the building.





14. ベネッセハウス パーク内は杉本博司氏の作品がズラリ / Benesse House Park is filled with works by Hiroshi Sugimoto

ベネッセハウス パークには、杉本博司によるサイトスペシフィック・ワークをはじめ、様々な作品を展示しています。パークフロントからテラスレストランに至るまでの空間には、作品と対峙し、それを反芻するにふさわしい作品が選定されています。(公式サイトより)

Benesse House Park features a site-specific work by Hiroshi Sugimoto and a variety of other works. In the space from the park front to the terrace restaurant, works have been selected that are suitable for confronting the works and ruminating on them. (From the official website)




「松林図」 / 「Pine Trees」





護王神社模型」「日本海隠岐」 /「Go'o Shrine:Appropriate Proportion」「Sea of Japan, Oki」


There was a model of the Go'o Shrine on Naoshima Island. A photograph was placed in an unusual place. This was a meaningful placement.





「ワールドトレードセンター」 / 「World Trade Center」





「光学硝子五重塔 ボーデン湖、ウットヴィル」 / 「Five Elements, Boden Sea, Uttwil」


This area does not have the overhead lighting normally found in buildings. The light box in front of the artwork is the main source of brightness. At first I could not see well, but gradually, as my eyes became accustomed to the darkness, I could make out the tones in the black. I had a strange sensation as if I was in contact with something profound.





光の教会」 / 「Church of the Light」





「カボット・ストリート・シネマ、マサチューセッツ」 / 「Cabot Street Cinema, Massachusetts」







The environment is basically dark, except for the space where the artwork is placed. The hallway leading to the restaurant has a large glass surface. In the morning, the space will be flooded with light.


The first day of the trip was taken by plane and ferry. Then we enjoyed outdoor works by Sousuke Fujimoto and Yayoi Kusama. Then, we also visited Chichu Art Museum and the art area of Benesse House Park. It was a very productive first day. (I may have packed too much into the first day.) To be continued.


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