【2023直島旅】day2-5. 家プロジェクト 護王神社を鑑賞〜杉本博司 「Appropriate Proportion」



In late February 2023, I traveled to Naoshima for a holiday. First trip in a long time! Day2. Episode 5.  In the morning, we will view the Naoshima House Project. The house project "Visit the Go'o Shrine.





day2-5. 護王神社 / Go'o Shrine

目的地は山の上 / Destination is on the mountain


The Goo Shrine seems to be on top of a small mountain. It is a 4-5 minute climb up a rather steep slope.





杉本博司 「Appropriate Proportion」 2002年 / Hiroshi Sugimoto Appropriate Proportion ,2002


Hiroshi Sugimoto designed this building to coincide with the restoration of Go'o Shrine, which dates to the Edo Period. A flight of glass stairs links an underground stone chamber with the main hall, connecting the subterranean and the surface to form a single world. The main hall and worship hall are based on the style of early shrine architecture, such as that of Ise Shrine, as well as the artist's own aesthetic sensibility.(From the official website)


A pockmarked space opened up amidst the dense trees. It was cloudy, but somehow divine.





神社の地下 / Underground of the Go'o Shrine


Show your ticket to the attendant and you will be allowed to enter the basement of the Goho Shrine. He lent me a flashlight.


Is it a pathway for the gods? The narrow exit leads to the Seto Inland Sea.


We have descended to the base of the mountain. Although it is close in distance, there is a sense that we have descended to a human village.





町内を歩く / Walking around the town


We will take a bus to Miyaura Port. Next stop is Teshima. To be continued.


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lens:sony FE24-70mm f2.8 GM



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