【2023直島旅】day2-4. 家プロジェクト第1号「角家」を鑑賞〜宮島達男「Sea of Time '98」



In late February 2023, I traveled to Naoshima for a holiday. First trip in a long time! Day2. Episode 4.  In the morning, we will view the Naoshima House Project. We will appreciate "kadoya", the first art house project.





day2-4. Art House Project 「kadoya」

外観 / Appearance

ANDO MUSEUM と同様、外観は昔ながらの歴史ある日本家屋。足元に置かれた看板を頼りに、中へと入ってみます。

Like ANDO MUSEUM and others, the exterior of the building is a traditional Japanese house with a long history. With the signboard placed at the foot of the house, let's go inside.





宮島達男 「Changing Landscape」1999年 / Tatsuo Miyajima Changing Landscape,1999





宮島達男 「Sea of Time '98」1998 / 2018年 / Tatsuo Miyajima Sea of Time '98,    1998 / 2018

「角屋」は家プロジェクトの第1弾として完成しました。200年ほど前に建てられた家屋を、漆喰仕上げ、焼板、本瓦を使った元の姿に修復しました。 宮島達男の作品のうち「Sea of Time '98」では、直島町の人々が制作に参加しています。現代アートが地域や島民の生活に介在する契機にもなった作品です。(公式サイトより)

Kakunoya" is the first of the house projects; a house built some 200 years ago has been restored to its original appearance with plaster finishes, grilled panels, and hon-gawara tiles. A work called "Sea of Time '98 " by Tatsuo Miyajima is on display. The people of Naoshima Town participated in the production of this work. This work was an opportunity for contemporary art to intervene in the lives of the local community and islanders. (From the official website)





宮島達男 「Naoshima's Counter Window」1998年 / Tatsuo Miyajima Naoshima's Counter Window,1998


Tatsuo Miyajima is one of the many contemporary artists whose works are exhibited and collected in Japan, including at Roppongi Hills. His works have a moderate sense of foreignness, and bring viewers a mysterious experience of time. He is skilled at incorporating "the space in which the work is exhibited" into his works.




Cat found.


Again, the cat was found.


Next we head to the Go'o Shrine, which is how I feel when I head into a dungeon in an RPG game.To be continued.


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