【2023直島旅】day2-9. 豊島の石積みとマルシェと看板犬



In late February 2023, I traveled to Naoshima for a holiday. First trip in a long time! Day2. Episode 9.In the morning, we will view the Naoshima House Project. Afterwards, take the ferry to Teshima for lunch and then to the Teshima Art Museum. After viewing the exhibition, return to Ieura Port by bicycle.





day2-9. 豊島美術館から家浦港へ / From Teshima Art Museum to Ieura Port



Many stone walls called "valley piles" were seen on both sides of the road. On islands with limited area, roads are often cut through the mountain slopes, so there are many places where the sides are protected by stone masonry in this way. This yatsumi is a rather new method, and it seems to have been useful as a construction method because of its high stability.





家裏フェリーセンター / Ieura Ferry Center


From Teshima Art Museum to Ieura Port is a long way downhill, so we arrived earlier than expected. Tickets for the ferry to Naoshima seem to go on sale 30 minutes before boarding time.


The waiting area has a peaceful atmosphere. Since I am here, I take a walk around the area.





豊島マルシェ / Teshima Marche


There was a small store of the NPO Teshima Tourism Association.









看板犬 / Idle dog


An idle dog wanders into the ferry waiting area.


What, no good food?





直島へ / To Naoshima


The return trip was not by a big ship. This one was bound for Uno Port.


I had been curious about the Teshima Art Museum every time I saw it in magazines or on the web. It was great to actually visit and experience it.To be continued.



camera:sony α7Ⅳ

lens:sony FE24-70mm f2.8 GM



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