【2023直島旅】day2-7. 直島から豊島へフェリーで移動〜海のレストランでピザランチ



In late February 2023, I traveled to Naoshima for a holiday. First trip in a long time! Day2. Episode 7. In the morning, we will view the Art House Project. We will take a ferry across to Teshima for lunch.We will have pizza at a restaurant with a great view.




day2-7. 宮浦港から豊島へ / From Miyaura Port to Teshima

高速船乗り場 / High Speed Boat Terminal


The high-speed boat terminal is located next to the sea station "Naoshima", a 2-3 minute walk away.


When we came to Naoshima from Takamatsu, we were on a large boat, but this is a slightly smaller boat.

直島から豊島ゆきの高速旅客船は、大人片道 630円。

The high-speed passenger boat from Naoshima to Teshima costs 630 yen one way for adults.


The area of the Naoshima Smelter & Refinery, which has been in operation since 1917, can be seen. The south side of Naoshima is the city and tourist area, and the north side is the industrial area.


The boat ride took about 30 minutes.


Arrive at Teshima.





土庄町電動レンタサイクル / Tonosho Town Electric Bicycle Rental


Upon arrival on Teshima, we immediately visited this place, the "Tonosho Town Electric Bicycle Rental.

4時間 1,000円。その後は1時間ごとに+100円。

1,000 yen for 4 hours. Thereafter, 100 yen per hour.





海のレストラン / Sea Restaurant


About 10 minutes by bicycle from Ieura Port. Here is today's lunch.


I heard it is a popular restaurant, so I made a reservation in advance to visit.


A real pizza oven. This is inviting,...


As the name of the restaurant suggests, you can enjoy your meal while looking out over the Seto Inland Sea.


I'm curious about the schwiffy one (beer), but since I'll be traveling around the island by bicycle, I order the TESHIMA FRESH FRUITS.






We enjoyed the beauty of the scenery and a delicious pizza. With our stomachs full, we cycled to the Teshima Art Museum.To be continued.


camera:sony α7Ⅳ

lens:sony FE24-70mm f2.8 GM



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